Sweaters & Leggings

What Sweaters to Wear with Leggings

Oversized sweaters are a great way to feel comfortable in your outfit but they also give you style and warmth.

In those cold winter months, it’s always crucial to bundle up and stay warm with tons of sweaters. Sweaters can be dressed up or down and can transform a look completely. There are a few different types of sweaters that would look adorable with a great pair of leggings, which will give you a look for a day at the office or a night on the town. Sweaters that are loose and a bit oversized work best for this look. Tight sweaters may give you shape but you want to shy away from this look since you’re already wearing fitted leggings. Don’t be afraid to buy a size up in sweaters to help you achieve this oversized look.

Poncho are great to wear with leggings. They are fun and warm and come is a variety of colors and knits.

Sweater dresses are very similar to the oversized sweater but are designed so they can be appropriately worn with or without leggings. Sweater dresses offer a good outfit to wear on those cold nights. Ponchos keep coming in and out of style, but when they are in style, they are a great chic look. Couple them with a solid color undershirt (or a simple designed shirt) and a great pair of ankle boots with a heel for a complete outfit ready to go.

What Cardigans to wear with leggings

Cardigans are a great essential with leggings, allowing you to not only layer up but to also have as much coverage as you like.

Another great sweater option with leggings are cardigans. This look is awesome for early spring and fall. Long cardigans look great with a pair of jeggings and a cute top, especially with a solid color legging and a decorative top. Wearing black for this look is great because it creates the slimming effect.

Overall the best shoes to wear with sweaters and leggings are a great pair of boots. Leather rider boots, gives you a comfortable chic look. Since oversized sweaters are usually neutral colors, gold jewelry and gold jewelry with teal or coral stones tend to pop in this look.

wearing sweaters and leggings

Look at this simply sweater with fun laced up leggings providing you with a great outfit!

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