Shirts & Leggings Styles

Shirts with Leggings

There are tons of different types of shirts that look great with leggings.

For a youthful, carefree effect, go with a casual, comfortable leggings and a relaxed shirt.  Loose shirts of varying long lengths and oversized sweaters achieve the same effect. Remember, your top should be long enough to cover your rear unless you are wearing leggings designed to be worn as pants. If you couple your leggings with a shirt, make sure that it hits the mid-thigh area for a more suitable look. In addition, make sure that your shirt has some volume. This will help balance out the tightness of your leggings. Avoid a fitted, short shirt because your leggings are already very fitted. Balancing your outfit is crucial here!

There are many different types of tops out there, but long tops are considered to be the ideal to wear with leggings. This is because long tops provide you with coverage over your rear to your mid-thigh. Long tops are an effective way to camouflage your tush, stomach, and hips. Long tops are especially effective on the body shapes of  “sticks”, “pears”, and “full-figured” women.

Pink tunic with Jeggings and Handbag

Looks at this great tunic to wear with leggings

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